About the Pastor

To celebrate the accomplishments of this ministry is to, without a doubt, reflect on the sincerity and dedication of Prophet Richard Artis. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of New Life Church . . .Like days of old, Inc., in Wilson, North Carolina. His concept of tearing down the ruins to rebuild new lives is at the core of his ministry.

His generous investment of time and money has greatly impacted the Kingdom of God. In the early development of his ministry, Pastor Artis invested over $50,000 in food, clothing, temporary shelter, housing, cars, job placement assistance, after-school tutorial classes, transportation and childcare for drop-outs earning their GED and/or Adult High School diploma and small business development to improve the lives of many that sought a better way. Consequently, he took this same concept and developed the Kingdom Builders’ program which houses the strategic, lifeline programs necessary for community service and development that has proven useful and effective via the number of testimonies from our graduates.

His spiritual objective is to present a Church to God – not to the people, to teach and preach the unadulterated Word of God, and to further the Kingdom of God by making disciples. As God’s representative, Pastor Artis boldly proclaims the Message of the Gospel bringing people back into fellowship with God. “The War on Sin is Over! Baby You Can Come Home ‘Cause Daddy Ain’t Mad No More!” That’s the “Too-Good-To-Be-True” Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Artis’ wife, Nancy, also works diligently in the ministry and together they have become a powerful ministry team. She serves as Minister of Music, and Manager of the Printing/Graphic Art Design & Media department.