About Us

FORMED IN 1990, New Life Church…like days of old, in Wilson, North Carolina is a Non-Denominational, faith-based organization with 20+ years of community service. The concept of the ministry – tearing down the ruins to restructure and build new lives for the Kingdom of God, is reflected in its name.

FROM THIS CONCEPT, Kingdom Builders was formed. KBI builds our youth and single parents, then challenges them to become positive mentors in their immediate surroundings. Participants of the KBI program that work as volunteers within the program are living successful Christian lives. They share their testimonies in the Kingdom Builders Section. To God Be All The Glory!

OUR MISSION is to attend to the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of each person that enters our doors. As the need in these areas continue to rise, with God’s help, we will continue to provide assistance. Supporting a new convert has to be the most important phase of ministry.

This is what the Lord would have us do.