Kingdom Builder Phases

Supporting a new convert, we believe, has to be the most important phase of ministry! When young people make positive contributions to the community , they develop a sense of confidence in giving back! Kingdom Builders, Inc., is a faith based, non-profit organization that’s designed to embrace the challenges facing our community’s youth and single parents. We take pride in this because we strive to go beyond the average commitment. Through Kingdom Builders, we enhance learning skills to raise educational limits, create a sense of belonging, increase confidence in making mature decisions, sharpening skills and, they can have a more positive impact on their communities. And that’s what they’re doing! Here are the following program listings and its criteria:

I. An after-school tutorial program -offering students in grades K-5 the opportunity to participate in tutoring sessions in reading and, and Implement strategies that will assist them in preparing for the end-of grade testing (EOG).

II. Guidance Class for Single Parents and Teens
– educating and assisting single moms in the daily activities of raising a family
– developing a self-awareness support group
to re-evaluate the family structure
-money management

– assistance in career choices through collective
research, job search and assistance in placement
– Topics for discussion which include:
1- college, job or trade- what to do next?
2- how the social choices you make today affect
your future
3- presentation: what you say and wear
4- how to get a job and keep it
5- budgeting

IV. Straight Talk For Women
-Quarterly guidance class for women in their search for personal, economic and social achievement